Cleric of Patras pretends to be the “doctor”!

One of the most well-known in the wider region, he even gives… psychiatric advice as well as “treatment” for a patient, who in despair… reaches the threshold of the temple where he officiates.

There are not a few parents who, seeing that their child suffers from some psychiatric illness, turn “desperately” to the father, having heard that he… has the “solution”!

According to the testimony of a 32-year-old woman in “Peloponnisos”, who suffers from depression, her father, unable to bear seeing his daughter in such a state and while she was already receiving treatment from a psychiatrist, took her to the priest.

He “read” her and then told her to do some… special diet (something like fasting) and that it would help her!

The priest described what the young woman had as a… “demon” and in fact – as she complained to “P” – the priest performed something like… an exorcism on her!

When asked by “P” if he asked her for money, she was categorical that… “no”, although her father voluntarily left “something” for the Church. But the priest did not ask for money.

The 32-year-old stopped her doctor’s treatment for some time and of course the “daddy’s demon” did not go away!

“I risked dying. I could have been driven to suicide” he told “P”.

Fortunately, however, she caught it when she began to understand that something bad was happening in her body and informed her father, while they immediately visited her psychiatrist again, who was “shocked” to hear that a priest “plays” with the health of psychiatric patients , invoking… demons! The woman started her treatment again and is now in a state of “equilibrium”.

According to the president of the Medical Association of Patras, Anna Mastorakou, no official complaint has been made yet.

“P” also turned to a well-known paternal psychiatrist, who confirmed that indeed some priests do not accept psychiatric illness and attribute it to… “demons”, leading the patient to stop his medication and trying to “solve” the problem with … “exorcism”!