Important facts from the medical examiner’s report on the murder of the two people in Nightingale publishes the ERT.

As reported by the state channel, for the 38-year-old driver of the armored vehicle, it is reported that the number of bullets that mortally wounded him was unspecified, as he suffered major injuries to his arms, legs, head, and abdomen. So the medical examiner could not say clearly how many times the two hooded executioners shot him.

However, the police officers estimate that they fired more than 20 bullets into the body and head of the 38-year-oldas they found at least 10 shell casings inside the armored jeep’s cabin and found 44 more outside the vehicle.

The perpetrators initially, as can be seen from the videos they recorded at the time of the double murder, initially shot his brother-in-law twice and as it emerged from the forensic report, he has injuries to his legs, as a result of which he ended up bleeding uncontrollably.

They then moved towards jeep. The 38-year-old driver noticed them, rolled up the window, which was armored, so the bullets didn’t pass through. They are then seen opening the driver’s door and shooting him at close range multiple times, fatally wounding him.