Another gas station, which was operating as a ghost, was detected and closed by its inspectors Independent Public Revenue Authoritythrough the sweeping intersections that take place every day.

Specifically, the special algorithm used data from the input-output system and – in conjunction with the on-site inspection – the following violations were found:

1. Failure to install an input-output system

2. Non-existence of a calibrated brass physical counting rod

3. Non-accreditation of tanks by an accredited body, non-existence of volumetric tables and non-accreditation of brass rod

4. Non-existence of pasted plates with the unique registration numbers on the tanks

5. Non-declaration of the FIM to the competent DOU (violation of the competence of the Tax Administration)

6. Possession of a tax cash register for sales of goods, other than fuel, where the QR Code is not printed on retail sales receipts

In addition to the gas station, its tanks and pumps were also sealed and the undeclared Tax Electronic Mechanism was seized.

At the same time, fines of 61,000 euros were imposed, while the audit continues in depth, in order to establish whether there are other tax and customs violations.