Guilty for simple complicity in a robbery, but also for accepting proceeds of crime, were judged by the Three-member Court of Appeal (Second Degree) of Larisa, two men on the occasion of robbery against an 85-year-old Catholic priest. The retired priest fell victim to the robbers, as he used to carry more than 35,000 euros in a bag he wore diagonally – according to what he reported to the police.

The money came as he had stated from paying his pension in Australia where he served for decades as a clergyman, choosing to carry such a large sum of money with him every day, as his house had previously been burgled.

The 85-year-old’s habit of carrying so much money with him, which he counted in the context of his purchases, including in the public market, was what tempted the perpetrators who planned and carried out the robbery.

The 85-year-old, unaware that the perpetrators are watching his movements, he was in Larissa where, among other things, he visited a public market and, shortly after 3 in the afternoon on September 19, 2016, while he was going to the Interurban KTEL station to take the bus to his village, he stopped on Oglas Street, at the height of the church of Agios Vissarionos, in order to stop the storm.

There took him by surprise 53-year-old from Larisa, who – according to the police investigation – with use of physical violence he threw him to the ground and took his wallet, which – according to the retired clergyman – contained more than 35,000 euros, although he is not sure of the exact amount. The 53-year-old unemployed man from Larissa who robbed him he was arrested shortly afterwards by police officers of the Larissa Security Directorate and allegedly confessed to his act, while – according to the police investigation – he managed to spend a sufficient amount of money in health shops by paying with 50 euro banknotes.

According to EL.AS., the perpetrators had been following the cleric’s movements since his visit to the public market and chose to act on Ogle Street taking advantage of the heavy rain and the minimal movement of passing citizens at that time, due to the storm.

In a role “chiliadiorou” he was allegedly a 61-year-old man from Larissa, while another accomplice, a 48-year-old man from Larissa, facilitated the escape of the other two perpetrators with his car.

The three arrested claimed to the Police that after the robbery they counted the stolen money and that no more than 10 to 11,000 euros, amount shared, but not equally. The 53-year-old recognized by the clergyman, while around 4,500 euros were found in his house. From the search in the houses of the other two, no money was found, while a small amount of money was found in the house of the 57-year-old acquaintance of the 61-year-old, money that according to EL.AS. they came from the robbery.

It is noted that primarily the 53-year-old found guilty of robbery and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. After the appeal and during the re-trial of the case at the Three-member Court of Appeal (B Grade) of Larisa, this time – as he did in the first instance – the elderly cleric, the 48-year-old who attended the trial and his 61-year-old accomplice did not attend and testify , were found guilty of simple complicity in robbery, but also of accepting proceeds of crime and were sentenced to a total of 5 years and 4 months in prison. Unlike the 57-year-old who also attended the trial, but was found not guilty.