Jeff Bezos photographs his fiancee Lauren Sanchez on the bow of his $500 million new yacht, Koru, and Leonardo DiCaprio sails with his family in the waters of the Mediterranean. The holidays for the rich and famous have begun and many of them are somewhere in the Aegean, enjoying the beauties of Greece from a superyacht.

According to Bloomberg data, there are currently 235 superyachts sailing in Greek waters, which means that Greece is the No. 2 destination in the world for superyachts after Italy, where 259 vessels are located.

Superyachts are known to cross the Atlantic in April as they leave the US and the Caribbean for the Mediterranean. The Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival lured the wealthy to the Mediterranean last month, and their boats haven’t left yet.

Of the 259 yachts sailing in Italian waters, the largest is the 123-metre Golden Odyssey, owned by Saudi Prince Khaled bin Sultan al Saud and up for auction in 2022. The second largest is the 115-metre Jorgia, owned by Canadian billionaire Patrick Dovigi, according to Bloomberg.

Under normal circumstances, Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko’s 144m boat would have won first place, but the oligarch’s yacht was seized by Italian authorities last year and now remains moored, with his 20-strong crew tending to it and costing 900,000 to maintain. dollars per month.

Marine Traffic data shows that Bezos’ new boat, Koru, left Portofino, Italy bound for France, while DiCaprio was spotted on a yacht off the Amalfi coast.