The region of Western Macedonia was targeted by the heavy rainfall that began in the early hours of the morning and is affecting all of Northern Greece, with many of its areas having been significantly affected. As a result, requests from local rulers to declare their areas in a state of emergency are pouring in.

“On Monday, June 19, 2023, early in the morning, I will send to the Ministry of Rural Development and Food all the requests that have already been submitted to me and those that may follow, since the extreme weather phenomena seem to continue in the next few hours, as well as tomorrow.” the regional governor of Western Macedonia, Giorgos Kasapidis, pointed out speaking to APE-MPE. He noted that so far declaration requests of municipalities them in a state of emergency, have been filed by them Kastoria, Eordaia, Argos Orestikos and Amyntaio.

However, as pointed out by Mr. Kasapidis, who is on his feet making visits to various areas in order to ascertain the prevailing situation himself, “there are already major problems from the occurrence of extreme weather phenomena”.