Tan Tan, the only Brazilian bar among the best in the world, renews its drinks list; meet




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The only Brazilian representative among the 100 best bars in the world, Tan Tan has just renewed its drinks list.

The address in Pinheiros, run by Thiago Bañares and Caio Carvalhaes, featured three times in the 50 Best ranking, one of the main awards in gastronomy and cocktails. In the last edition, it ranked 62nd on the extended list, which goes from positions 51 to 100. This year’s award will be announced in October, at an event in Singapore.

Kamikaze, drink from Tan Tan bar

Kamikaze, drink from Tan Tan bar

Kamikaze, the new drink at the bar Tan Tan, in Pinheiros – Tati Frison/Disclosure

Named Duality #2, the new menu features ten signature drinks. The creations explore five ingredients, which are used under different techniques.

Yuzu, a citric fruit of Chinese origin, for example, appears in the Kamikaze drink (R$ 57), which also contains bourbon, amaranth and honey, resulting in a drink with bitter notes. It is also combined with vodka, two types of sherry and sake in Terubozo (R$ 45), a sweeter and more refreshing cocktail.

Umeboshi, preserved plums, and priprioca, a natural plant from the Amazon, are some of the ingredients explored in the drinks.

Another novelty is the section called the development area: every three months, three new drinks and two non-alcoholic options will be presented. Ten classic cocktails and a selection of sakes and wines complete the menu.

To accompany the drink, there are 11 options of portions to share, such as pork dumplings (R$45), fried chicken wings (R$46) and crab croquettes (R$48). Sandwiches, noodles and a creamy chocolate pie with crème anglaise (R$38) add to the menu.

tan tan

  • Where R. Fradique Coutinho, 153, Pinheiros, west region
  • Instagram @tantannb

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