Mother in Volos she was reported for beating her child in “Smile”, to prove that the bruises on her 7-year-old daughter’s body and face were from hits in the game.

The 40-year-old woman visited a store in the city, argued and hit the little girl in front of people, to receive a complaint and to be arrested, on Wednesday afternoon.

They caused the “mobilization” to make complaints the abrasions on the body of the 7-year-old.

The mother herself constantly repeated that the child is hyperactive and constantly hits the game and a preliminary examination was ordered, while the Prosecutor’s Office also requested a forensic examination of the 7-year-old.
The mother who was released until the examination process was completed, he denied hitting the child, but this happens sporadically and in no case does he hit her to the point of causing abrasions on her body.

Forensics which was filed yesterday proved that there was no beating, but the abrasions did come from hits in the game and the child will be examined by a child psychiatrist.