Two Albanians, aged 24 and 34, were arrested early today by police officers of the Property Crimes Department of the Attica Security Directorate, following an incident in a shopping center in Athens.

The two foreigners were brought to the prosecutor’s office with the charges, as the case may be, of violence against officials and judicial persons, disobedience, simple bodily harm, damage to foreign property, as well as violation of the law on weapons and drugs.

In particular, according to ELAS, the two Albanians, while in a shopping center in Athens, were noticed by a compatriot with whom they had differences. The latter told them that he would call the Police and then the two defendants, in order to prevent him, told him that they were armed, while immediately afterwards they ran away.

However, during their escape from the shopping center, they broke a glass window resulting in the injury of the security guard, who tried to stop them.

Police officers patrolling the area noticed the two foreigners and called them to stop for a check, but they did not obey. The 24-year-old stopped nearby, while the 34-year-old got into a car and a chase ensued. Finally, his vehicle crashed into parked vehicles on Kifissou Avenue and came to a standstill, while immediate action police officers arrested him.

In a police investigation carried out, the following were found in the possession of the two Albanians and confiscated: Two pistols, a number of cartridges, the sum of 16,000 euros, foreign currency notes and a makeshift package containing a quantity of Indian cannabis. At the same time, a pistol magazine without cartridges was found and confiscated in their car.

From the preliminary investigation it emerged that the 34-year-old had a pending arrest warrant for robbery with accomplice, as well as two convictions, totaling 3 years in prison, for possession of a weapon by a prisoner in prison, as well as for theft.

Finally, an arrest warrant was pending against the 24-year-old for robbery with complicity.