An Iraqi, an Arabic interpreter, which is in fact on the official list used by the authorities for interpretation in immigration cases, was arrested in the port of Thessaloniki on the charge of aiding and abetting migrant smuggling.

Yesterday, port guards noticed four immigrants, two from Syria and two from Palestine, jumping from a truck with Turkish plates, which was in the customs area, and arrested them.

During the exam the immigrants they argued that they paid from €4,000 each in Ypsala from where they were transferred to Greek territory.

In a truck parking lot at Thrace, they boarded the truck and were destined for the interior of the country.

The examination of the illegal immigrants was continuing and while they were in custody, appeared the Iraqi interpreter, along with a young lawyer. The latter said he was notified by the interpreter in order to obtain authorizations to file asylum claims on their behalf.

An interpreter and a lawyer were brought to the Thessaloniki courts today, where the lawyer was released and the investigation will continue to determine if he is involved in the case.

As for the interpreter, his was prosecuted for complicity in facilitating the illegal entry of foreigners for profit and was referred for questioning.

According to information, there is another case against him for similar offenses in Komotini.