“On Tuesday (27/6) legal home searches were carried out at the house of Mrs. Eva Kaili and her sister from the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office led by Mr. Raphael Malanini. As was expected, nothing reprehensible was found, the only worthy object that was found and confiscated was a baby necklace of her daughter, which had been donated at her birth by the future godparents”, it is stated in a statement by Mrs. Eva Kailis, through the proxy her lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulou.

“Furthermore, Mrs. Kaili’s sister and her husband made available to the Belgian prosecutors their mobile phones as well as their computers and laptops, in order to investigate these from the laboratories in Brussels”, it is characteristically added while it is noted that:

“After the revelation that the son of the investigator of the case was involved in a company with the son of the main suspect, a Belgian MEP, a cloud of suspicion about the impartiality of the investigation was created by reports in the international press. I want to believe that the current investigation in Athens coincided with the revelations in Belgium. Finally, I publicly ask that seven months of investigation, which is being conducted in Belgium against Mrs. Kaili, did not yield any evidential fruit, so that an obviously useless check is carried out in Athena”.