Two more accused of the horror dates with 12 years old by Columnapologized today to the investigator handling the second case file opened on the case pimping at the expense of the minor.

The amnesty process ended with one defendant being sent to prison and the second returning home on probation.

A 32-year-old gas station employee of Pakistani origin, charged with sexual intercourse with a minor for pay, is being sent to prison by the decision of an investigator and prosecutor.

A 43-year-old father of 3 children originally from Albania was released after pleading guilty to the same charge, with the imposition of the restrictive condition of appearing at the police station of his area twice a month.

Both defendants who have been pointed out by the minor, denied before the investigator what is attributed to them, with the argument that the girl has confused them with other persons.

The 32-year-old, now temporarily detained, asked the 12-year-old to go to his workplace, in order to confirm if it was the specific gas station she testified about, as he disputes her claims.

The 43-year-old allegedly claimed in his apology that he had never been absent from work during the period when the 12-year-old complained that she was his victim. At the same time, he filed a request to remove his telephone privacy, in order to prove his claim that he has never spoken to the 12-year-old.