An internationally pioneering process of planting Poseidonia underwater gardens using seeds was completed in the past few days in the southeast Aegean by researchers of the Archipelago Marine Protection Institute, after three months of preparation.

Given the rarity of the fruiting phenomenon of seagrass meadows, this way of planting Poseidonia meadows has been practiced only a few times worldwide.

In Greece, the innovative venture took place on the island of Leipsos, in the bay of the under-construction Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary.

Having collected more than 12,000 seeds, the researchers of the “Archipelagos” Institute spent three months preparing the experimental planting.


The importance of the project is great, as Poseidonia seagrass meadows are considered the “forests of the seas”, they are not algae but a higher type of plant, they flower and bear fruit, absorb up to 35 times more carbon than tropical forests and are found only in the Mediterranean .

The cleanliness, but also the productivity of the seas, where more than 300 species of algae and over 1,000 species of marine animals live, is based on them.

It is noteworthy that for the first time after 10 years flowering of Poseidonia sea meadows was recorded, while in the spring on many coasts of the Aegean as well as in other areas of the Mediterranean there was a large concentration of fruits and seeds.


The historic success of the innovative sustainable venture is fully harmonized and enhanced by the sustainable tourism approach of Leipsi. In recent years, the Municipality of Leipsic, in consultation with residents and professionals, has been implementing active recycling methods, keeping the beaches free of organized sunbeds, while replacing single-use plastics with recyclable materials long before this became mandatory.

“In Lipsi it is not enough for us to plant on land, now we also plant in the sea. The environmentally sustainable life philosophy and the “green” holiday proposal in an authentic exotic destination with excellent service quality is well received by the traveling public. For the next period, a large number of visitors is expected, which is expected to be maintained in September as well, with reservations following a very good pace”, said the mayor of Leipsos, Fotis Maggos.