Father Antonios was released with restrictive conditions after his marathon apology to the 22nd regular investigator.

The cleric, who was denounced by a 15-year-old inmate in NGO facilities and a 19-year-old ex-inmate, handed the investigator of the case a multi-page memorandum with his positions, while his apology and the whole process lasted more than eight hours.

The investigator and the prosecutor ruled that the cleric can be released, imposing a ban on leaving the country, an obligation to appear once a month at the Police Station, while also setting a 10,000 euro bail.

The accused seems to have left suspicions to the judicial officer that the complaints brought before the Justice serve other purposes and he tried to refute the indictment drawn up against him.

After the cleric’s lengthy apology, which followed the filing of a multi-page memorandum with his positions, his wife also testified to the judicial officer and for years to the Administration of the NGO. In total, Father Antonios has proposed that twenty witnesses testify in his defense.

According to information, apologizing, the priest not only denied the accusation, but reportedly said that the two complainants are not reliable. For the minor, the defendant claims that he changed his testimony before the judicial officer. At the same time, for the 19-year-old, father Antonios seems to argue that he may have had exchanges to turn against him. The clergyman’s defense appears to include in his arsenal the video he presented to the court officer, from which, as the defendant claims, it appears that on the day of the alleged incident of indecency, the alleged victim and the clergyman were not in the same place.

Father Antonios refers to at least five guests in Kivotos structures who have testified that the 19-year-old approached them with the aim of asking them to denounce the accused.

According to information, the cleric was asked by the investigator why he believes that the 19-year-old “set up a conspiracy” against him. The defendant, referring to the alleged victim’s “criminal behavior”, seems to be citing photographic material from which, as the cleric claims, the 19-year-old’s “luxurious life” emerges after the complaint.