“At a time when we are hearing more and more messages of hate from some politicians, it is good to remember that the united states of america is the land of the free, a freedom which is at the same time a precious gift and a great responsibility”. This point is made, among other things, in his message for the 247th anniversary of America’s Independence by Archbishop of America Elpidophoros.

“The anniversary of the Fourth of July, the national holiday of all Americans, regardless of when and how their ancestors arrived on this beautiful continent, whether thousands of years ago when they crossed the Bering Strait, or came in the ships of the settlers or of slaves, or following complicated immigration procedures, is a starting point to reflect on our responsibilities and duties to protect freedom”notes the Archbishop of America.

In addition, as he points out, “We cannot all defend our country with arms, because that is the responsibility of the military, but we can all support the idea. Freedom is not secured by weapons, however powerful they may be, but by the attitude of each citizen when he recognizes the rights and freedom of others, as our behavior towards the weakest determines the quality of our democracy.”

“The Basis of Freedom”adds the Archbishop, “it is love that frees everyone’s heart and soul from the bonds of hatred, censure and hypocrisy, and therefore real freedom presupposes the bravery of assuming great responsibilities, of maintaining it in our country known and as the place of the brave”.

And he concludes: “We must continue the fight for a united America in which we will all live blessed and happy, with spiritual abundance and with material sufficiency, while as Orthodox Christians let us be grateful for the freedom in the Holy Spirit that we enjoy and let us strive so that all our fellow citizens share equally in the goods of the land of freedom and of the place of the brave”.