Economou: Greece is the first in Europe to introduce “Deceptive Mountains” – What is changing


Greece becomes the first country in Europe to establish “Fraudulent Mountains”, as government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou points out in a Twitter post, stressing that with this plan the government has pioneered the effort to protect the environment.

“In 6 of our mountains, the opening of new roads & interventions that change the natural environment will be prohibited”, he states characteristically.

The six Greek “Fraudulent Mountains”

“Fraudulent Mountains” is defined as the Area Without Roads (PAD) with its perimeter zone of one kilometer (PAD + radius 1 km). In these areas, the opening of new roads and the creation of other artificial interventions that alter or alter the natural environment is prohibited. In addition, they are subject to a high protection regime.

Which areas will be included in the Deceptive Mountains?

● Lefka Ori – Area: 382.06 | Altitude: 0-2.453 m.

● Saos – Area: 97.30 | Altitude: 0-1.611 m.

● Smolikas – Area: 102.89 | Altitude: 782-2.637 m.

● Tymfi – Area: 202.75 | Altitude: 460-2.497 m.

● Taygetos – Area: 143.23 | Altitude: 432-2.407 m.

Ζή Hatzi – Area: 45.61 | Altitude: 598-2.038 m.

What are the benefits of Scam Mountains?

. Contribute to the conservation of natural biodiversity.

. Prevent the entry of foreign species.

. Provide migration routes and intermediate stops to fauna species.

. They capture carbon and reduce the effects of greenhouse gases.

. Maintain the connectivity and integrity of the ecosystem.

. They offer leisure, education and scientific knowledge to the citizens.

. They regulate and protect the services of the ecosystem: clean water supply, erosion control, healthy soil, air quality, climate regulation, crop pollination, high resistance to the parasite epidemic.

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