An incident which captures in absolute magnitude the necessity of trainees rescuers of the EKAV occurred at noon on Thursday (6/07) in the area of ​​Scarfeia in Fthiotida.

According to the publication of, the EKAB center was called in order to pick up a 47-year-old woman to take her to the Kamena Vourla Burns Hospital in Kinourio, since she was not showing vital signs.

An order was immediately given to the crew and the ambulance located at the Burned Vourla Health Center in Kainourio to leave for Skarfeia in order to pick her up.

As soon as the rescuers arrived at the scene they saw that the woman was unconscious. They immediately applied the work protocols for such cases and managed to take her to Kainourgio, where the burnt hair health center is also located.

There, with the great effort of the doctors, the woman came back to life, she was intubated and at this time she is alive and fighting her battle at the Lamia Hospital where she has been transferred.

As the secretary of EKAV workers, Dimitris Haleplis, who confirmed the incident to our online newspaper, states to “The crew was notified immediately and was on the scene within six minutes. The woman had no pulse. The rescuers used a defibrillator twice and carpa while she was given the treatment that the protocol says in these cases. After the woman did not return, one of the rescuers continued to beat her while the ambulance was on the way. As soon as the woman entered the Kamena Vourla Hospital, she recovered and regained her own pulse. However, he had low saturation and was transferred to Lamia hospital. Where he is being treated”.