Two tragic stories lie behind him double drowning in the harbor at Rahes.

The 55-year-old who dived to save the woman who was calling for help, when he was 19 years old, committed a brutal crime at that time in Rahes that shocked the whole of Greece. He had murdered a 16-year-old girl, whom he tried to rape and when she resisted, he hit her on the head with a sewing machine.

He was sentenced to life in prison and was released after about 20 years. Since then he lived in Rahes with his parents, without having many friends. In fact, as they say, he rarely bathed in the sea. Some even claim that he didn’t even know how to swim well. However, this morning, when he heard the woman calling for help, he dived in to save her.

The 65-year-old who drowned is a happy mother

The woman who drowned, who is also a resident of Racho Beach, has her own tragic story.

The unfortunate woman had lost her daughter in a car accident that happened in the village of Rahes. The girl who went missing was a well-known businesswoman and very loved in the area, and her death shocked the whole of Fthiotida.

The 65-year-old who drowned this morning very recently became a grandmother and as her people say, after many years she was able to smile again, after her first grandchild was born.