Their continuous checks by the Belgian Authorities Eva Kaili’s advocates criticize in their joint statement. Following a relevant warrant from the Authorities, searches were carried out at private residences and company headquarters, in the context of the Qatargate case.

Through their announcement, the advocates of Mrs. Kaili reveal that a baby necklace was confiscated, a pen and two decorative plates and dthey wonder when “this witch hunt” will stop.

The entire announcement of Eva Kaili’s advocates:

“The 7-month-delayed house search by the Belgian authorities in Greece against the close relatives of Ms. Eva Kaili and some unrelated companies resulted in the seizure of a children’s necklace, a gift from the godparents of Ms. Kaili’s daughter, a silver pen color and two decorative plates – souvenirs.

Additionally, all of Eva Kaili’s bank accounts have been checked several times and are spotless.

How many searches (s.s. must be done) to find something that will not be found because it simply does not exist. How long will it be before this witch hunt finally stops and they go after the real witches?’