The OPPI will be integrated into the special guards and the police will enter the universities when necessary, pointed out the former rector of the AUTH, Nikos Papaioannou, speaking to the Thessaloniki radio station Status 1077.

As he explained, he remains: “In the final announcement of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, which emphasizes, among other things, that the men and women of the university police will protect the safety of the university community every day, together with all the executives of EL.AS and will intervene in any incident required.

That is, very simply, it is either called the university police, because operationally it does not belong to the Rector, and very properly belongs to the Ministry of Citizen Protection. However, any action by it, what Mr. Mitarakis said, is true, that it should be in cooperation, as the law says, with the security committee of the university. We have the four universities, for only the four universities have a university police, a security committee, headed by the rector.

So, whether organically, within the body called the Hellenic Police, it will or will not belong to the special guards, it will or will not be an independent body, it will belong to OPKE, it will belong to the Traffic Police, or I don’t know which departments it is, the the bottom line is that, of course, all these children who were hired cannot be the janitors and they did not become the janitors.”

Responding to the journalist’s remark that people were hired who are now employed elsewhere, the former rector of AUTH underlined:

“The business is not ours. However, in conclusion, I believe, based on the latest, because that’s where the whole conversation started, with the latest announcements, both by the minister of Mr. Mitarakis and the Ministry of Citizen Protection, there is no abolition of the university police. Now, how and what, is none of my business, nor does it occur to me to comment on the…desu of the whole story”.