For safety reasons and to limit the risk of fire, tomorrow Sunday, all Parks under the jurisdiction of the Attica Region will be open to the public only in the morning hours (7am-11am) and at night (7pm-11pm) due to the very high, while the danger level in Attica even exceeds 4.

For these reasons, by order of the regional governor Giorgos Patoulis, there will be limited operation for the parks: Tritsi, Field of ‘Areos, Lofo Finopoulou and Attiko ‘Alsos.

Citizens in the morning and evening hours mentioned above, a period of time when the temperature is not so high and therefore the risk of fire outbreak is limited, will be able to visit the Parks to cool off, while both in Tritsis Park and in the Field of Areos, there will be volunteers from the Region who they will offer water and juices to visitors.

Regarding the operation of the Parks from the beginning of the week, where high temperatures are again expected to prevail, there will be a new update with a newer announcement from the Region and after the updated meteorological data has been evaluated.