Alarm has signified in the Principles by the action of one 33-year-old fraudster from Arta that has defrauded consumers in various cities of Greece. Posing as the owner of a store, a well-known chain of electronics and mobile phone accessories, he defrauded his victims, extracting large sums of money.

According to information from, the 33-year-old was in charge of a store of a large telephone and electronics trading company in Arta. From that position he had managed to create a large circle of contacts with consumers from all over Greece. He recently left the position of manager and informed his circle that he is opening his own franchise store in Arta, a well-known chain of gadgets based in Thessaloniki.

He sent mass messages to his contacts, informing them that as part of his new store’s promotion, he was selling mobiles and laptops at incredibly low prices.

Several of the victims came forward on phone orders and deposited money into the 33-year-old’s bank account. They never received the products they ordered.

The cheater in order to strengthen his credibility, he used the names of two well-known businessmen of Arta, who own a security company. He claimed to be their partner.

Some of the 33-year-old’s victims have already moved on lawsuits against him. In the coming days, prosecutors are expected to order an investigation to determine the extent of the fraud set up by the 33-year-old. Among those who were deceived is a well-known businessman from Thessaloniki.