1054: The Patriarch of Constantinople Michael Kirularios formalizes the Schism of the Churches and is excommunicated by the Pope’s envoys.

1963: The Beatles record Mikis Theodorakis’ song “If you remember my dream”, with English lyrics (“Honeymoon Song”).

1969: The Apollo 11 spacecraft launches, carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, bound for the Moon.

2015: With 229 “yes” from the coalition parties (SYRIZA, ANEL), New Democracy, Potami and PASOK, against 64 “no”, the bill with the prerequisite measures of the agreement is voted by the Plenary of the Parliament. SYRIZA suffered significant losses, since 32 MPs said “no” (including three ministers) and 6 “present”, while Kavala MP Alexandra Tsanaka was absent.

2016: Turkish Black Hawk helicopter enters Greek airspace, requests permission and lands in Alexandroupoli. It carries eight people in typical aviation uniforms, without insignia. They are two majors, a captain, four soldiers and a civilian. They are taken to the police headquarters, where they request political asylum. These are members of the Armed Forces of Turkey, who supported the coup. Late at night the helicopter is delivered to Turkey.


1927: Iro Konstantopoulou, Greek heroine of the Resistance. (D. 5/9/1944)

1933: Mary Chronopoulou, Greek actress.

1976: Nikos Pappas, Greek politician, SYRIZA leader and former minister.


1874: Apostolos Arsakis, Greek philanthropist, doctor, scholar and politician. He was, among other things, Prime Minister of Romania. (Born 6/1/1792)

1985: Heinrich Bell, German writer. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972. (“The Lost Honor of Katarina Bloom”) (Born 12/21/1917)

1989: Herbert Von Karajan, Greek-born Austrian conductor. (Born 5/4/1908)