The need for new political compositions in order to deal with the party’s triple crisis – a crisis of identity, a crisis of political plan, a crisis of procedures – are highlighted in their proposal to the Political Decision Plan Committee by its members, Nikos Filis and Panos Lambrou.

In their text, they refer to the causes of the election result and in terms of the party’s responsibilities, they point out: “After the 2019 elections, a mutation plan of the party was promoted that undermined its opposition effectiveness, its internal functioning, its relations with society and finally his presence at the polls. The centripetal policy did not work. It caused centrifugal tendencies. We lost as the Left while operating as the center. We even lost where we had an advantage socially, in the popular strata and the youth. The credibility deficit was exacerbated by the degradation of collective democratic functioning by the 1980s cronyism and paraphernalia.’

They note that “SYRIZA has currently lost the self-evident aspect of governability” and add that “18% is not sustainable unless there is an immediate restructuring of the party: democratic functions, programmatic renewal, new leadership with respect for the collective and ultimately its left-wing physiognomy party”.

The two members are in favor of the proposal of the Political Secretariat for the process of electing a president and an extraordinary congress and underline that “the responsibility of all of us is the democratic reconstruction of the party without self-justification syndromes and mechanism battles.