Greece – South Africa 24-2: Excellent performance and start on the right… at the World Cup


Great premiere for her National team of Greece in the World Championship Fukuoka Water Polo!

Her team Alexias Kammenou prevailed with an impressive 24-2 over her South Africa in the first game of the third group and now turns its attention to the match with Argentina next Tuesday (18/07, 07:30), while given the early hours of Thursday (20/07, 04:30 Greek time) the first place in the group against Italy.

In the match, the National team led 4-0 at the start and then conceded their first goal, then went on a 7-0 run to concede a goal again from South Africa, with 13-2 being the score in the second eight minutes. THE Hellas throughout the match she imposed her superiority and did not let her opponent claim anything more.

In the third period the National team scored six more goals making it 19-2, while in the fourth and last eight minutes its girls Alexias Kammenou they scored five more goals to make the final 24-2.

THE Eleftheria Pleuritou she was the first scorer of the match with four goals and was named the most valuable player of the match.

The eight minutes: 7-1, 6-1, 6-0, 5-0

GREECE (Alexia Kammenou): Diamantopoulou (6/8 saves), Eleftheria Pleuritou 4, Hydirioti 1, Eleftheriadou 1, Margarita Pleuritou 1, Xenaki 3, Ninou 3, Tricha 3, Siouti 1, Vasiliki Pleuritou 1, Funtotou 4, Myriokephalitaki 2, Stamatopoulou.

SOUTH AFRICA (Nicola Barrett): Martins, Macdonald, Thornton-Deeb, Mottau, Sileno 1, Miller, January, Zondo 1, Fairfield, McLeod, Mitcham, Thompson, Gado.

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