Tragic moments unfolded at Megalo Kavouri beach on Saturday afternoon (15/7)when a 6-year-old child was pulled from the sea unconscious.

According to information, at 18:01 in the afternoon a call was made to EKAB, with the ambulance arriving at the scene after 8 minutes, at 18:09. The rescuers immediately decided to transfer the 6-year-old to the Hospital, with the ambulance departing for the “Asklipieio” General Hospital, in Voula, at 18:20. Throughout the transport, which lasted 16 minutes, they performed CPR on the child to revive him.

Unfortunately, the efforts of EKAV rescuers did not bring any result as, when the child arrived at the hospital, his death was also confirmed.

The Saronikos Port Authority, at the same time, has started a preliminary investigation into the causes of the tragedy, while both parents have been arrested for exposing a minor to danger. At the same time, an autopsy has been ordered on the body of the 6-year-old, in order to establish the exact cause of death.

According to ERT, at approximately 18:10 in the afternoon, bathers notified the lifeguard that the small child was unconscious in the sea.

He immediately ran to the scene, pulled the child out of the sea, started three rounds of CPR, without being able to revive him.

A defibrillator was placed on the child, which showed cardiac asystole. Two doctors and a nurse happened to be at the scene to help.