Five and a half months after the train accident in Tempe, which claimed the lives of 57 people, the Golgotha ​​that the sole survivor of the first carriage of the Intercity 62 train, Voliotis Gerasimos-Jason Georgiadis, climbs, seems to have no end.

According to exclusive information of “Demokratia”, the 21-year-old student from Volos, who celebrated his birthday in the Intensive Care Unit of the Larissa General Hospital two months ago, now has to fight with a resistant in-hospital fungus that he contracted during of his hospitalization in the Greek hospital.

In fact, due to the fungal infection, he was forced to leave with his family from the International Neuroscience Institute, in Hanover, Germany, which is considered one of the best rehabilitation centers in the world, after only 10 days of hospitalization.

At the same time, the information that saw the light of day in the previous 24 hours, which wanted the young “fighter” of life to be transferred after the completion of the first round of rehabilitation treatments at the specialized center in Hanover to another model rehabilitation center in Heidelberg does not seem have no basis at all. And this is because the 21-year-old student has reportedly returned to Greece and is being treated again at the Larissa General Hospital, battling the fungus.

According to the same information, it was known to those in charge of the International Neuroscience Institute, in Hanover, that the young survivor of the first carriage of the fatal train, who all this time has had his family by his side, has been infected by the in-hospital in question fungus. Nevertheless, they decided to admit him to the center and reassured his parents that every possible effort would be made to fight the infection and Gerasimos would undergo the necessary rehabilitation treatments.

But, much to everyone’s dismay, the fungus turned out to be very resistant to the drugs. Thus, just 10 days after his transfer to Germany, for fear of dispersion at the center, the officials informed the parents of the Voliotis student that they could no longer accommodate him, even though they had collected a huge amount of money for months of treatment!

Gerasimos, who survived the horrific train crash by being thrown from the window, intermittently opens his eyes, raises and moves his arms slightly, in a slow process of regaining communication with the environment. A ray of optimism for the 21-year-old’s family was his transfer to a rehabilitation center abroad.

However, after the latest developments, the road that young Voliotis has to travel, until his health is fully restored, looks long and uphill.