On holiday the 49-year-old priest, who is accused of sexual indecency against a 30-year-old foreigner from Estonia, was placed in custody until his case is heard by the competent court after the complaint he made to the police authorities.

A case was filed and criminal charges were brought for insulting the sexual dignity of the 49-year-old priest, who was referred by the decision of the competent District Attorney of Rhodes to be tried by the Single-Member Court of First Instance of Rhodes on September 11.

The priest was placed on holiday from his duties until the trial of the case by the competent court.

According to what has been reported to the police, everything allegedly started on July 12 in the afternoon when the 30-year-old foreigner from Estonia went to the monastery where the 49-year-old is a priest, and during his stay there they met.

The foreigner also complains that he bought a crucifix from there which he eventually forgot and therefore the next day, on July 13th in the morning, he returned to the monastery to get it. The Estonian complains that the priest then suggested that he follow him to another place, and there the 49-year-old allegedly asked the foreigner to take off his clothes in order to anoint him with oil.

The Estonian complains that this procedure was done only on his genitals, he himself did not react, and when he left the Monastery at noon on July 13th he denounced the priest for insulting genital dignity.