For dramatic efforts he made to save the ten-year-old in Nea Makri one of the doctors who was on the scene and tried to revive her with CPR revealed to ERT that the child who had consumed food earlier was still alive when he was pulled from the pool.

“I helped because I’m a doctor. The child was producing a lot of food. His saturation had gone up,” said the eyewitness, revealing at the same time that the ambulance that was called to the scene to help was delayed because it got lost on the way.

“The ambulance arrived in forty minutes, maybe more” she said, describing the frantic efforts of both herself and of another private doctor to save the unfortunate little girl.

“I was approached by another colleague who also tried and a rescuer who happened to be passing by,” he said.

Regarding the 10-year-old, he stated that he knew her from the days of her stay at the accommodation. “She was a very good swimmer, a very good child,” he said, adding that he had eaten before falling into the pool.

She revealed that the child was alive when he was pulled from the pool but did not make it afterwards.

“The child was reacting” when they took him out, she said, clearly shocked by the tragic loss.

So we are in the housing complex here in Nea Makri that the 10-year-old was visiting with her parents. A family of four, according to what we know to say that after 6 pm mother wanted to empty the room, load the car, so the girl was reportedly playing with a friend in the pool in the background.

The drowning incident happened when the 10-year-old was playing in the complex’s pool with another child, while her mother was loading the car to leave. After the efforts made at the scene, the child was transported with the ambulance of Emergency room at Nea Makri Health Centerwhere it was found that he was already dead.