The people of Leipsos are promoting an authentic and sustainable way of vacationing this summer by saying “no” to the waste of natural resources. With the perennial support and decision of the municipal authorities, the municipality, professionals and residents discourage and reject in concert the construction of artificial swimming pools on the exotic island of Calypso.

“Our concept of holidays does not belong to the past but to the future where the Mediterranean islands will be forced to follow our example to protect the environment and deal with the uncontrollable heat waves and water shortages,” said the mayor of Lipsi Fotis Mangos.

The original call is accompanied by a stylish video that “watches” a young couple, Konstantinos and Dimitra, enjoying their holidays in Leipsos without artificial pools and organized sunbeds.

The couple’s daily life is dreamlike, full of swimming and relaxing in “natural pools” with emerald waters, walks in the picturesque alleys, culinary experiences, local products, historic churches, traditions, sunsets, fun in idyllic places, hiking, cycling, horse riding, diving and sea excursions. “Through our initiatives, we offer travelers an unspoiled natural paradise.

The response of a quality audience from Greece and abroad is very great, resulting in an impressive increase in demand for the island in recent years”, concludes Mr. Maggos.

It was recently announced that Lipsi is becoming a model destination for water autonomy with zero water leaks, while a pioneering program of international scope is being implemented on the island to plant gardens at the bottom of the sea, something that can provide solutions in the future for the pollution of the planet!