For October 30, 2023 the trial for the bodily injuries suffered during the fatal fire in Mati in 2018 by eleven burned residents, who were not included in the original list of victims, was postponed by the Three-member Court of Misdemeanors, as the immunity of Ms. Renas Dourou.

The case file for the case of the specific burns was formed when, during the course of the trial, which is already being conducted in the Three-member Criminal Court for the one hundred dead and injured, it was established that there were burn victims who had not been recorded in the lists created by the competent authorities. Thus, for the case of the 11 residents, the required criminal procedures were carried out, so that it could be judged by the Court.

Accused in this case as well are the twenty officials – at the time in question – from the Local Government, the Fire Department, etc. who are already on trial for the tragedy with 104 dead.

The court today, with the start of the proceedings, proceeded to postpone the trial, following a prosecutor’s recommendation due to the parliamentary status that the accused Rena Dourou has now acquired.

The MP has requested the lifting of her immunity for the trial that is already underway and will also request for the one that was postponed today.

Prosecutor Edras proposed that the court forward a relevant request to the Parliament for the lifting of the immunity of Mrs. Douros, as happened with the so-called “big trial for the Eye”.

And in this trial, Mrs. Dourou, in her statement to the court, emphasized that waives her immunity and that will request that the process be expedited to be tried and judged for this case as well.

“I hereby declare that I waive my parliamentary immunity and the rights granted to me by the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament (Article 83), while I have already asked the president of the Parliament in my letter of 06.07.2023, and I will repeat, to speed up the procedures, so that the relevant permission is quickly granted for the smooth continuation of the trial conducted in the 6th Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Athens and before your Court.

At the core of my values ​​is the equal treatment by the Justice of all citizens, powerful and powerless, prominent and not. In this context, I stood with respect towards the institution of Justice at all stages of the process and I await the audience with patience, but also with the conviction that judges who honor their function will make the just decision”, she says in her written statement to the Court of Appeal Ms. Dourou.

It should be noted that the Parliament is already expected within the next few days to lift its immunity regarding the trial for the 104 dead, a process that Mrs. Dourou herself requested to be expedited in order to determine whether the then regional governor of Attica has or not responsibility for the results of the fire of July 23, 2018 that swept through Mati.

The trial is set to continue on July 24.