New thermal invasion with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius provides for it updated EMY weather report from Thursday onwards.


“The Emergency Weather Bulletin which refers to the heat wave causing heat conditions called CLEON in many parts of the country is updated according to the latest forecast data.

A. Today Monday 7-17-2023tomorrow Tuesday 18-7-2023 and Wednesday 19-7-2023 the areas that will be affected by very high temperatures will be limited to the western parts of the country, while in the east the temperatures will be lower, but also the intensity of the heat will be less, mainly because there will be Etisian winds (meltemia) that will reach the Aegean in 7 Beaufort.

B. Her Thursday 7-20-2023 the winds will weaken and the temperature will begin to rise.

C. In particular by Friday 7-21-2023 until Sunday 7-23-2023 the new heat wave will be felt all over the country, while on Monday 7/24/2023, the very high temperatures are expected to subside from the north.

More specifically :

1. From today Monday 7-17-2023 and until Wednesday 7-19-2023 the maximum temperature value will reach:

a. at western continental 38 to 40 and in places in western Sterea and northwestern Peloponnese 41 degrees Celsius

b. at Ionian Islands 38 to 39 and on Wednesday 40 degrees Celsius

c. at northern continentals 35 to 37 and on Wednesday 37 to 38 and locally in Thrace 39 degrees Celsius

d. at eastern continental the 37 to 39 degrees Celsius and

e. at islands of the eastern Aegean, the Dodecanese and southern Crete 36 to 38 degrees Celsius.

2. Her Thursday 7-20-2023 the maximum temperature values ​​will reach the continental 40 to 42 and locally 43 degrees Celsius, the Ionian islands 39 to 41 and the Aegean islands 37 to 39 degrees Celsius.

3. From the Friday 21-7-2023 until Sunday a further rise in temperature is predicted in the mainland with maximum values ​​reaching 41 to 43 and in places in the interior of Thessaly and Central Greece 44 degrees Celsius.

From the Monday 7-24-2023 the temperature is predicted to decrease, mainly in the north, by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

The forecast update with the latest data and details on the evolution of temperatures will be done every twenty-four hours.

More details in the daily regular and extraordinary weather bulletins, on the EMY website (