A fire has been going on for some time in Kouvaras, while a message was sent from 112 to those who are there to be extra careful. At this time, the Peta settlement is being evacuated.

In the area where the fire broke out, there are scattered houses, while nearby is the monastery of Agia Skepi, for which there were thoughts to evacuate, but in the end it was decided that such a thing is not necessary. Already, strong ground firefighting forces are being mobilized, as well as aerial means: Two aircraft and 4 helicopters are already participating in the battle to deal with the fire in time, while 30 firefighters with 14 vehicles are also participating in the firefighting effort. Strong winds are blowing in the area – at 7 Beaufort – which are hampering the efforts of the firefighters. The fire is moving towards Mount Panio. The firefighting forces are constantly being strengthened, while a while ago it was announced that the Romanian firefighters who have been in Greece since the beginning of the fire season will also go to the fire front.

As the former mayor of Saronikos told Sky 100.3 Petros Philippou the fire is raging towards the area of ​​Kalyvia, which had been reforested in previous years, while he pointed out that the winds are very strong. “This fire cannot be caught,” he said characteristically. He added that according to the first information, the fire broke out from the electricity network.

A little earlier, a fire also broke out in Kato Souli Marathona, with the fire brigade also fighting there to limit the destruction.


You are heavy

You are heavy

PHOTO SOURCE: Facebook/ Fire update