With the message “Every life has value» the Special Secretariat for the Protection of Companion Animals of the Ministry of the Interior appeals to all citizens not to abandon their animals, not to leave them helpless, tied and trapped in the areas affected by fires while at the same time being in constant communication with the fire victims municipalities of the country.

“Unfortunately, we are already aware of several dozen animals that have been burned in shelters and we are working with volunteers and rescue groups to rescue as many animals as possible.” The Special Secretariat for the Protection of Pet Protection notes and begs anyone who finds a trapped animal that it is impossible to rescue or requires a truck or ambulance to release a large number of animals to immediately call the Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2131364020

The rescue operation is carried out in cooperation with Civil Protection, the Hellenic Police, the Fire Department and the Municipalities of Galatsi, Athens, Salamina, Vari-Voulas-Vouliagmeni, Hellinikon-Argyroupoli, etc.

He also points out that the Urban Non-Profit Society Dogs’ Voice, under the auspices of the Special Secretariat, puts into operation the LATO station for fire-affected animals in Galatsi, which accepts animals that have been injured or are in danger. If they wish, citizens can help as volunteer-caregivers at LATO or offer collars, leashes, bags and stationery. Pets arriving must be known from where they were picked up and will be registered with a separate code.

Regarding equines and all productive animals, there is a special provision in collaboration with A Little Shelter, which accepts in its shelter (31st km of the Athens-Lamia National Highway, Polydendri, 19014, Attica) all productive animals that are at risk from the fire.