The President of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Socrates Famouson his initiative contacted the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vasilis Kikilia, and was informed of all the fire fronts and the progress of operations on them. Mr. Famellos asked for a communication channel and emphasized his support for those who operate in the field, coordinate the extinguishing work and support the citizens.

Also, Mr. Famellos contacted the Mayor of Saronikos, Christos Gkini, in order to be informed about the situation in the area and expressed his support for the work of the Municipality and the volunteers. At the same time, the member of parliament for Eastern Attica, Giorgos Karameros, is at the scene of the fire in Neo Kouvara from early on and had a meeting with the heads of the fire brigade, the mayor, civil protection officials and the citizens.

MPs and officials of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance in Corinth and Boeotia, are also in communication with the mayors and the forces operating on the fronts. It is obvious that at this difficult moment the priority is the work of firefighting, the safety of citizens and those who attempt to fight fires, but also the protection of the natural environment and citizens’ property.