THE World Meteorological Organizationwhich is a UN agency, announced today that it has verified and confirmed the record of 48.8 degrees Celsius recorded in Sicily in 2021 and is now considered the highest temperature ever recorded in continental Europe. However, it is possible that the record will fall in the coming days, as the continent is hit by consecutive heat waves.

The WMO, which keeps a record of extreme weather events around the world, scrutinizes all “records” announced for temperature, drought, rainfall, wind speed and lightning. As he announced today, “he accepted that the new temperature record for continental Europe is 48.8 degrees Celsius which took place in Sicily on August 11, 2021″, after a committee of experts studied and verified the event.

The previous record was held by Athens, with 48 points recorded on July 10, 1977.

THE Organization however, he clarified that if new extreme temperature records are set in the heatwaves of these days, he will quickly announce a preliminary assessment and then look into the matter in detail.