Manoel Soares says he does not rule out working with Patrícia Poeta again


Manoel Soares made his first television appearance two weeks after leaving Globo, on June 30. The presenter participated in A Tarde É Sua, on RedeTV! to talk about his book “Para Meu Amigo Branco” and new projects.

During the participation, he said that he does not rule out working with Patrícia Poeta in the future, but it would have to be something peaceful. “I always say that you don’t step into the same river twice, that water has already passed. [mas teria que ser] something quiet to happen. Today I have a personal project that doesn’t go in the same direction as the broadcaster’s.”

Asked if he continues to follow the program Encontro com Patrícia Poeta, the presenter only said that people dear to his life are still there, such as Tati Machado and Valéria Almeida, who took over the presentation of the program when Manoel left and Patrícia went on vacation. He even said that what he thinks cannot influence his work.

“I was happy with their work [Tati e Valéria], many people in my life work there. If you happen to have relevant information [no programa] and my team refuses to pass, you can be sure they will be warned.”

Source: Folha

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