In the arrest of two people for the fire at Caparelli of Boeotia the Greek authorities proceeded, as the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection stated late on Monday night Vassilis Kikilias.

As he said, the procedures for the spontaneous arrest of two men who were carrying out hot work in the area were completed.

He also emphasized that on Monday, 81 fires broke out, adding that Tuesday is expected to be an equally difficult day.

“Despite the appeals and warnings of the last few days, today, either due to negligence or arson, we had 81 agroforestry fires. A total of 544 firefighters and 198 water-borne fire engines operated. From the air, 23 aircraft and 18 helicopters attempted,” he said and added:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the climate crisis is here, we had fires, we have them and unfortunately we will have them. The state mechanism is doing everything possible” he emphasized while adding that the citizens whose homes were affected can be accommodated in hotels in the wider area”.

“For any damages that have occurred or will occur, the recording will be immediate and they will be compensated immediately,” he stressed.