The fire in Dervenochoria is ongoing.

“The most serious front is the one moving in Dervenochoria. It is the most difficult fire because it has very large unburned material and very compact dense forest. The fire is in a ravine. We are trying to keep her there,” the spokesman of the Fire Department, deputy fire chief, Yannis Artopioos, told APE-MPE and added that at the first light of the day, the aerial vehicles will make drops.

According to the latest update from the Fire Department, 105 firefighters with 3 groups of pedestrian units, 30 vehicles, and 7 aircraft and 4 helicopters attempted the fire that broke out outside Panaktos of Viotia, in Dervenochoria. Yes, it was sent a while ago new message via 112warning the residents of the area about the ongoing forest fire in the area of ​​Derbenochoria in Viotia near the Mornos channel and calling on them to follow the instructions of the authorities.