Throughout the night it will be the battle of the Fire Department to deal with and limit the four major forest fires which occurred early Monday afternoon in Eastern Attica, Boeotia, Loutraki and Dervenochoria. In the above areas, a total of 544 firefighters and 198 water-borne fire engines worked and 23 aircraft and 18 helicopters periodically worked from the air, while, as the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, said earlier in his statements, in many areas they will work throughout the night earthworks of the region, the Municipalities and the Armed Forces.

As it became known from the Fire Department, the most difficult fire is the one that moves in Dervenohoria. “The most serious front is the one moving in Dervenochoria. It is the most difficult fire because it has very large unburned material and very compact dense forest. The fire is in a ravine. We are trying to keep her there,” the spokesman of the Fire Department, deputy fire chief, Yannis Artopioos, told APE-MPE and added that at the first light of the day, the aerial vehicles will make drops.

The residents of the area received a new message from 112 at midnight to be especially careful and follow the instructions of the Authorities.

According to the latest update from the Fire Department, 105 firefighters with 3 groups of pedestrian units, 30 vehicles, and 7 aircraft and 4 helicopters attempted the fire that broke out outside Panaktos of Viotia, in Dervenochoria. In fact, a little while ago a new message was sent through 112, warning the residents of the area about the ongoing forest fire in the area of ​​Derbenochoria in Viotia near the Mornos channel and calling on them to follow the instructions of the authorities.

Regarding her East Attica, what is troubling the Fire Department is rekindling. “We are fighting with flare-ups. The forehead has calmed down. The main issues are in Peta, in Saronida”, said Mr. Artophios to APE-MPE.

The fire broke out shortly after 12 noon in Neo Kouvara, Attica, on Panio Oros and spread to Saronida, Lagonisi and Anavyssos, burning houses and cars. In total, 210 firefighters with 10 groups of pedestrians from 68 vehicles managed by the on-site mobile operations center “Olympos” are working on the fire that broke out after 12 noon on Monday in Eastern Attica, while 10 aircraft, 6 helicopters of which one for aerial coordination’. 31 Romanian firefighters with 5 vehicles as well as volunteer firefighters tried to fight the fire, while assistance was provided by municipal water tankers.

The GEETHA assigned a staff of 20 people as walking units and the Coast Guard 4 inflatable boats and with the help of 2 more fishing vessels patrolled the coastline of Palaia Fokaia for their eventual intervention.

At the same time, the Hellenic Police and the EKAV have deployed strong forces, while the Region of Attica has deployed a large number of water vehicles.

As reported by the Fire Department, the fire from its start, due to the strong winds, covered 12 kilometers in 2 hours, became threatening causing damage, that is why and for precautionary reasons were issued 5 messages from 112 warning them about the progress of the fire and for their preventive removal to a safe destination.

Regarding the fire that occurred in Kallithea Loutrakiou, according to Mr. Artofios, there is an active front right above the National Highway, however, the Fire Brigade forces have limited it there and will continue to operate throughout the evening. In total, 135 firefighters remain at the scene with 2 groups of pedestrian units and 50 vehicles, while 8 aircraft and 5 helicopters were deployed from the air, of which 2 helicopters were made available by the GHETHA and one more for their coordination. Also, the GEETHA has allocated a staff of 40 people as walking sections as well as 4 land movers.

A better picture shows the fire at Caparelli of Boeotia as it was made known by the PS press representative, the picture is much better and the operating forces are one step before delimiting it. 94 firefighters with 2 groups of pedestrian units and 30 vehicles are working on the fire, while 4 aircraft and 2 helicopters are working from the air.

The risk of fire is also very high on Tuesday, July 18 for 6 regions of the country

Finally, the risk of fire will be very high on Tuesday, July 18 for 6 regions of the country, according to the Fire Risk Prediction Map issued by the general secretariat of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection.

Specifically, a very high risk of fire (risk category 4) is predicted for the following areas:

• Region of Attica (including the island of Kythira)

• Region of Central Greece (PE Boeotia, PE Evia)

• Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Region, Argolis Region, Laconia Region)

• South Aegean Region (Cyclades)

• North Aegean Region (Lesvos Region, Chios Region, Samos Region, Ikaria Region)

• Region of Crete