The 45-year-old Albanian accused of murdering his 50-year-old compatriot, outside a gas station, in the area of ​​Analipsi, in eastern Thessaloniki, received a new deadline to apologize tomorrow from the 6th regular investigator of Thessaloniki.

The accused appeared in the morning at the Thessaloniki Courthouse, where he was scheduled to plead today. Through his lawyer, he requested a new deadline in order to prepare his apology and his request was accepted.

Criminal charges have been brought against him for manslaughter in a calm state of mind, illegal carrying and possession of a weapon, as well as illegal possession of a weapon (for a knife found in his home).

The murder was committed at noon last Thursday, while 24 hours later the 45-year-old voluntarily surrendered to the Police, confessing his act. He himself, being examined by the police officers of the Crimes Against Life Department of Thessaloniki, seems to have argued that lately he has been receiving threats from the victim, due to financial disputes.

“I had no intention of killing. He threatened my life and attacked me,” he reportedly told police, describing the scene of the murder. The 45-year-old, father of three minor children, reportedly testified that he acquired the weapon – with which he committed the crime – for reasons of protection, due to the threats he claims he received.

After shooting the 50-year-old twice, he drove away from the scene of the crime in his car and headed towards Halkidiki, via the Thessaloniki-Neon Moudania highway. Along the way he threw away the weapon, while leaving the vehicle on the beach of Kalyves in Halkidiki.