A quantity of contraband ethyl alcohol of 21.6 tons, intended for the adulteration of alcoholic beverages, with the evaded duties and taxes amounting to 667,000 euros, was confiscated by the AADE.

Specifically, after utilizing information that it had at noon on Saturday, the AADE Thessaloniki Customs Control Service, through the Bulgarian Customs Administration, raised an alarm in the area of ​​Northern Greece for the detection of a specific truck with Serbian license plates.

The case concerned the transport of contraband ethyl alcohol, with cover cargo wiper fluidsin the name of the recipient that the auditors of ELYT Thessaloniki AADE Customs found to be nonexistent.

The Economic Police of Thessaloniki were also involved in the case and after coordinated actions the truck was located at the Malgari toll station and was placed under surveillance. In the midnight hours of Saturday and after ELYT AADE Customs of Attica and the Economic Police of Attica took the baton successively, the truck ended up in closed parking lot of the Aspropyrgos areawhere drivers parked it at night.

On Sunday morning, the truck was moved to another parking lot in the area where, since it could not be established whether any interference was being made with the load, after consultation between the two Prosecuting Authorities at the highest level, it was decided to check the truck immediately.

Then and after police officers of the Economic Police they located the two Serbian drivers in a hotel in the area and took them to the parking lot, AADE customs inspectors and police officers searched the truck and found 21.6 tons of contraband ethyl alcohol instead of the declared cargo. The results of laboratory analysis of the chemistry of AADE showed that the alcoholic strength of ethyl alcohol is 96.3% by volume.

The evaded duties and taxes would reach 667,000.00 euros.

The driver and the owner of the truck, a Serbian citizen, were arrested and taken to the Athens District Attorney. The fine that will be imposed will exceed 2 million euros. The customs prosecution authorities of AADE continue the investigation, in order to identify the final recipients of the contraband cargo.