The death of the latter on September 19, 2022 in Ephyra Ilia is attributed to a criminal act with the 70-year-old brother of the 68-year-old Charalambos Anagnostopoulos as accused.

As is informed, from the first moment the police officers of the Ilida Police Department, in collaboration with their colleagues from the Patras Police Department, had focused their investigations on the victim’s 70-year-old brother.

After the evaluation of the findings, but also after the objections to which the alleged perpetrator fell, the case file that was formed was forwarded to the Public Prosecutor and criminal proceedings were brought against the 70-year-old, while the case was referred to an investigator of Amaliada in order to issue an arrest warrant against him defendant. As far as the motivation is concerned, as it appears from the EL.AS investigations. the two brothers do not seem to have had a good relationship and in fact it appears that there were frequent fights between them.

The thread of the case began to unravel from the moment the defendant cleaned the place where the 68-year-old was found dead, but also from the fact that he was the mine worker who visited the victim during the time of his death.

The 68-year-old was found dead in his home, near his business, and had a deep wound to the head from a sharp object, which has not been identified by the authorities. As had written, the businessman has received five blows to the head from a pointed object. From the beginning of the investigations, the Police investigated the incident in the direction of criminal activity.