The family of 19-year-old Alkis Kampanos filed an appeal against the decision of the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki – before the prosecutor of appeals.

With the application, the parents and the sister of the deceased Alki request that the first instance decision be annulled, considering that the court incorrectly evaluated some aspects of the case and mainly did not correctly assess the fraud of the 12 defendants, but also the participation of some of them who were found guilty as accomplices in the murder of the 19-year-old.

“We must not leave a single point for which justice will not be done in the whole case” said Yiannis Pultsidis, one of the advocates of the Kampanou family (in support of the accusation), conveying the order of Alki’s parents and his sister.

According to Mr. Pultsidis, the two points on which their application is focused concern the following:

  • the characterization of the intent, from homicide to eventuality, as the seven judges (composed of three regular and four lay judges) unanimously decided. “It is obvious that there was a homicidal intent, if we consider the means of the perpetrators, the places they hit and the duration of the attack,” said the advocate.
  • the participation share of three of the convicted as accomplices in the attack and in particular the drivers of the three cars, namely the 1st, 5th and 12th defendants. Documenting its position with regard to the three above, the Kampanou side refers to the 1st prosecutor of the seat who had proposed that he be sentenced as a moral perpetrator, as to the 5th that – according to the video footage of the case file – “he seems to be leaving at the last seconds of the attack, over the body of “Alkis” and regarding the 12th the expert report that “it appears that his car was immobilized for 37 seconds” even though the defendant himself claims the opposite.

The fate of the appeal application will be decided by an appellate prosecutor and if accepted, the case will be decided from a zero basis at the highest level of jurisdiction (Mixed Jury Court of Appeal).

An appeal was filed against the decision by both convicted persons, for whom the principle of “no aggravation” (in relation to the first court decision) applies in view of the appellate trial.

It is recalled that 7 of the 12 defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment and in addition to multi-year terms of imprisonment, as they were found guilty as accomplices in the possible premeditated murder of 19-year-old ‘Alkis, while the remaining 5 were found guilty as accomplices in this act and were sentenced to multi-year incitement. All returned to prison after the court’s verdict.