Ketsetzoglou: “I don’t see Garcia being sold, but a contract adjustment – Pizarro is a great success”


The contract extension and readjustment to Levi Garcia and no sale of it is currently on the horizon for her AEKas pointed out by Kostas Ketsetzoglou on News Bulletin 247.

I don’t see Garcia being sold now, especially before the European games. Now, of course, if a proposal of 30 million euros comes, the discussion changes. What I see is that in the coming months the player’s contract will be adjusted, with an increase in his earnings. It is possible that AEK will acquire a centre-forward, close to the characteristics of Garcia“, write down.

Commenting on the completion of the transfer of Rodolfo Pizarro, he emphasized: “The transfer of Pizarro, a player with great quality and at a very good age, is a great success for AEK. He also achieves this thanks to Almeida and the personal relationship he has with the footballer. More than 50% of his career has been played on the wings, he is a creator as well as an executor having scored many goals and crucial ones in his career. This year at Inter Miami he had a role further back and was first in key passes in MLS. Almeida mainly targets him on the left, but he can comfortably play in all positions behind the forward or even in Pineda’s place».

As for the stopper case? “There is a proposal at Club America for Araujo, but there are setbacks from the Mexicans who are also looking for his replacement. AEK is not eager to get a stopper here and now, because it has solutions, but it would like to finish as quickly as possible. If the matter goes further back, he has also examined some very good cases, of those that we say are difficult to come to Greece, but these can proceed later and if another defender has not been acquired by then. The main criterion for a stopper is to be able to play both left and right stopper, while perhaps by coincidence he sees tall players».

Finally, about Luis Palma he said that “… it is likely to happen, if Ares do not sell him abroad by the end of the transfer window. It will be a transfer outside of the basic programming, as AEK did last year that of Paulo Fernandez».

Source: Sport Fm

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