The fire is raging in the area of ​​Dervenochoriawhile the front towards Oinoi is great at this time. They operate in the area strong firefighting forces, which are constantly being reinforced. The weather conditions in the area are unfortunate excellent efforts of the firefighters. The settlements of Panorama, Agia Sotira, Paleochori and Pournari are being evacuated with residents being instructed to move towards Mandra. The situation is extremely difficult in Panorama.

This time 140 firefighters, 48 ​​vehicles, 5 aircraft, 5 helicopters and pedestrian units operate in the area of ​​Dervenochoria.

Alongside, Greece asked for European assistance in media and two canadairs from France and two others from Italy are already expected to arrive.

According to the latest update from the forces operating on the fire fronts, the situation at 11.30 in the morning was as follows:

Saronida/Kouvaras: there is no active front, h business for full control continues with both ground forces and aerial means of wetting.

Aid Synergy with Christos Triandopoulos was from the morning at the mobile operations center Olympos (43rd km of Athens Souniu), where it took place distribution of crews and they have already started with the deputy mayors of the area to enter the settlements to record the damages.



Loutraki/Kallithea: Powerful aerial and ground firefighting forces working on the forest fire in the wider area of ​​Kallithea of ​​Loutraki are dealing with the flare-ups that are occurring, mainly in the area of ​​Agios Charalambos, in order not to spread and threaten residential areas.

At the same time, the firefighting forces are also dealing with the scattered fires, while regarding the damages caused by the fire, the official recording is expected to start as soon as it is fully under control.

However, according to information, it is estimated that dozens of houses have been damaged, as well as warehouses and farmhouses.

Derbenochoria: the fire has been contained to the south in the Titan area, ground operations are focusing on the east and west sides of the fire perimeter. It is dense forest. Air forces have been strengthened.
There is still great difficulty due to the density of the forest and the ruggedness of the area.


Warning 112 has been issued for Triasio due to smoke from the fire raging north: citizens to stay indoors and close doors and windows.

Power outages

Parts of Saronida, the Olympos area in Lagonisi, the Olympic Village of Kalybion are without power due to the damage caused by the fire in the DEDDIE network.

Also a small part of the village of Titan in Mandra Attica and the areas of Kallithea, Pefkia as well as the settlement of Irini in the same area.

DEDDIE crews are working to restore the network.