Governmental legislative intervention has been initiated through the Department of Justice to fully investigate the causes of the tragic Tempe train crash, in order to untie the hands of the special appellate investigators handling the case and be able to to open the mobile and landline phones of those involved, in order to assign the responsibilities attributed to the culprits or to those who contributed to this tragic accident.

In more detail, the Ministry of Justice, with an urgent legislative regulation, will add to article 291 of the new Criminal Code, a new, fourth, paragraph, which will allow the removal of the confidentiality of communications in cases of disruption of security and dangerous interventions in fixed-line means of transport track, ships and aircraft.

The train accident in Tempi, which occurred on February 28, 2023, near the settlement of Evangelismos Larisa, with the severe, head-on collision of a passenger train of the Hellenic Train company with a commercial train, resulting in the derailment and ignition of some trains, caused the death of 57 people and the injury of at least 85.