One more family drama concerns the police and judicial authorities of Volos, after the lawsuit filed by a mother against her 25-year-old son.

The woman accused her own child that her injured by car, on Tuesday afternoon in Volos, putting in reverse while she was behind the vehicle. A case was filed against him for domestic bodily harm and he was referred to trial.

The 25-year-old allegedly reacted because his mother she wouldn’t let him go from the house, consequently hitting her with the car. The woman went to the hospital and was examined by the doctors, who found that the blow she had suffered was minor.
The young man was arrested and yesterday, Wednesday, he sat in the dock of the Three-member Criminal Court of Volos, on the charge of domestic minor bodily harm. However, the trial did not take place, as his mother did not appear in court and thus the hearing of the case was postponed until tomorrow, Friday.