Kammenou: “With performances like this we can do very well”


Overjoyed to show up and win (16-12) over Italy, with which she secured first place in her group and qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Aquatic Championships, Alexia Kammenou appeared.

The truth was that we played like a dream in attack. I can’t help but be very pleased with the tempo of the attack, the time management, the girls showed a bit of their potential. I have said from the beginning that the team has great talent in attack. We have a lot of girls who score from outside, very good defenders, especially in our attack everything went very well. We didn’t lose our minds which sometimes happens when a team gets away with the score. We showed maturity“, initially stated the federal technician and continued:

For us, today was actually the start of the world championship, the road is long, but I think that with performances like this we can do very well. We have seen many times when we say that the way is opening for something good, it doesn’t all work out for us. There should be no predictions in these tournaments where the teams are so close. We wanted first place in the group, we have four days to rest now and work. We are waiting for our opponent, we will work mainly on defense».

Greece’s next opponent, aiming for the top four after 2011, will be Italy and Kammenou said: “They are a very strong team with physical strength – says Ms. Kammenou. Pressing in defense, marks almost unsportsmanlike, has a huge tradition in the biggest competitions. We will be very focused, if we play like today in attack and fix some things in defense, all teams we have the ability to face and beat».

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