The Emergency Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena, which refers to the heat wave that has been causing intermittent heat conditions called CLEON in many regions of the country since 12-7-2023, is updated according to the latest forecast data.

In summary:

On Sunday 7/23/2023, a heat wave felt throughout the country.

On Monday 24-7-2023 temporary retreat of very high temperatures.

On Tuesday 7-25-2023 and Wednesday 7-26-2023 new (the third) thermal flare-up.

On Thursday 27-7-2023, a noticeable drop in temperature almost throughout the country.

More specifically:

1. Today Sunday 23-7-2023 the maximum prices will reach:

a. in Thessaly, Central Greece and the Peloponnese 42 to 44 and in places mainly in the interior of Thessaly 45 degrees Celsius

b. in Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus and their island country 39 to 41 degrees Celsius.

2. On Monday 24-7-2023 the temperature is predicted to drop by 2 to 5 degrees Celsius, with the largest drop observed in the eastern part of the country and the smallest in the western part. The maximum values ​​will reach:

a. in continental areas 38 to 40 and in places in Central Greece and the Peloponnese 41 to 42 degrees Celsius

b. in the Ionian Islands, the Dodecanese and southern Crete 37 to 39 degrees and in the rest of the island country 35 to 36 degrees Celsius.

3. According to all available forecast data, very high temperatures are again expected in the country on Tuesday 25-7-2023 and Wednesday 26-7-2023. Maximum values ​​will reach their continental 42 to 44 degrees Celsius.

4. On Thursday 27-7-2023 the temperature is predicted to drop by 6 to 8 degrees in most areas of the country.

The forecast update with the latest data and details on the evolution of temperatures will be done every twenty-four hours. More details in the daily regular and extraordinary weather bulletins, on the EMY website (